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Stable Goods - Feeding
ItemDescriptionPriceQty to Order
JAC1696 1696 Hay Feeder
Deluxe top loading hay bag is easy to fill and comes with a top flap that prevents hay from being pulled from top. Small square pattern on front helps reduce wasted hay while feeding. Made of tough poly with wooden dowel rods at top to retain shape. 24" x 20" x 10" deep
STG033 BK Hay Net Nylon - Black$7.95
STG033 BL Hay Net Nylon - Blue$7.95
STG033 GD Hay Net Nylon - Gold$7.95
STG033 GR Hay Net Nylon - Green$7.95
STG033 OR Hay Net Nylon - Orange$7.95
STG033 PK Hay Net Nylon - Pink$7.95
STG033 RD Hay Net Nylon - Red$7.95
STG033 YL Hay Net Nylon - Yellow$7.95
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10501 Metal Hay Rack$28.95
STG038 BK Corner Feeder Black$23.95
STG038 BL Corner Feeder Blue$23.95
STG038 GRN Corner Feeder Green$23.95
STG038 MN Corner Feeder Maroon$23.95
STG038 RD Corner Feeder Red$23.95
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Feed Tub Regular Size-Black
30 qt. capacity, heavy duty feed tub. Large 22" diammeter x 10" deep.
(Horsemen's Pride)
STG039 BN Feed Tub Regular Size-Brown$17.95
STG039 DBL Feed Tub Regular Size-Dk.Blue$17.95
STG039 DGR Feed Tub Regular Size-Dk.Green$17.95
STG039 GY Feed Tub Regular Size-Grey$17.95
STG039 LBL Feed Tub Regular Size-Lt.Blue$17.95
STG039 MBL Feed Tub Regular Size-M.Blue$17.95
STG039 MN Feed Tub Regular Size-Maroon$17.95
STG039 OR Feed Tub Regular Size-Orange$17.95
STG039 PK Feed Tub Regualar Size-Pink$17.95
STG039 PP Feed Tub Regular Size-Purple$17.95
STG039 RD Feed Tub Regular Size-Red$17.95
STG039 TL Feed Tub Regular Size-Teal$17.95
STG039 WT Feed Tub Regular Size-White$17.95
STG039 YL Feed Tub Regular Size-Yellow$17.95
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Fence Feedeer$11.95
STG039C BK 1135 Fence Feeder 12 qt Black$18.95
STG039C GN 1135 Fence Feeder 12 qt Green$18.95
STG039C RD 1135 Fence Feeder 12 qt Red$18.95
STG039C RY 1135 Fence Feeder 12 qt Royal$18.95
STG039D Collapsible Water Bucket-#10346$9.95
STG040 BK Water Pail-Black
15" wide x 13" deep. Large 20 qt. capacity with 5/16" galvinized handle. Rotation moulded plastic exceptional strength & durability. Will stand up to all climates and conditions.
(Horsemen's Pride)
STG040 BN Water Pail-Brown$19.95
STG040 DBL Water Pail-Dk.Blue$19.95
STG040 DGR Water Pail-Dk.Green$19.95
STG040 GY Water Pail-Grey$19.95
STG040 LBL Water Pail-Lt.Blue$19.95
STG040 MBL Water Pail-M.Blue$19.95
STG040 MN Water Pail-Maroon$19.95
STG040 OR Water Pail-Orange$19.95
STG040 PK Water Pail-Pink$19.95
STG040 PP Water Pail-Purple$19.95
STG040 RD Water Pail-Red$19.95
STG040 TL Water Pail-Teal$19.95
STG040 WT Water Pail-White$19.95
STG040 YL Water Pail-Yellow$19.95
STG040C 1133 Foal Feeder 9 qt$49.95
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Slo Feed Tub Ring-Black
Snaps onto lip over the U-bolts on feeder tub. Helps to keep feed in the tub and not scattered on the ground.
(Horsemen's Pride)
STG041 BN Slo Feed Tub Ring-Brown$10.95
STG041 DBL Slo Feed Tub Ring-Dk.Blue$10.95
STG041 DGR Slo Feed Tub Ring-Dk.Green$10.95
STG041 GY Slo Feed Tub Ring-Grey$10.95
STG041 MBL Slo Feed Tub Ring-M.Blue$10.95
STG041 MN Slo Feed Tub Ring-Maroon$10.95
STG041 PP Slo Feed Tub Ring-Purple$10.95
STG041 RD Slo Feed Tub Ring-Red$10.95
STG041 TL Slo Feed Tub Ring-Teal$10.95
STG041 WT Slo Feed Tub Ring-White$10.95
STG041 YL Slo Feed Tub Ring-Yellow$10.95
STG041ABK Salt Lick Holder -Black-Jacks 546$4.50
STG041ABL Salt Lick Holder -Blue -Jacks 546-RY
Vinyl coated. No sharp edges.
STG041ARD Salt Lick Holder -Red -Jacks 546-RE
STG041AWT Salt Lick Holder -White -Jacks 546-WH
STG041C 10503 Wire Salt Block Holder$3.95
STG041D Feed Scoop-Plastic$2.95
STG041E Heated 16 Gallon Bucket$55.95
STG070A Feed Cart-200lbs$429.00
STG170BK Pail Econo KD 18 qt. Black$6.95
STG170BL Pail Econo KD 18 qt. Blue$6.95
STG170GN Pail Econo KD 18 qt. Green$6.95
STG170PP Pail Econo KD 18 qt. Purple$6.95
STG170RD Pail Econo KD 18 qt. Red$6.95
STG170TL Pail Econo KD 18 qt. Teal$6.95
STG171BK Feed Tub KD Premium Black$19.95
STG171BL Feed Tub KD Premium Blue$19.95
STG171GN Feed Tub KD Premium Green$19.95
STG171PP Feed Tub KD Premium Purple$19.95
STG171RD Feed Tub KD Premium Red$19.95
STG171TL Feed Tub KD Premium Teal$19.95
STG172BK Pail Pony KD rnd 8qt Black$4.95
STG172BL Pail Pony KD Rnd 8qt Blue$4.95
STG172GN Pail Pony KD Rnd 8qt Green$4.95
STG172PP Pail Pony KD Rnd 8qt Pruple$4.95
STG172RD Pail Pony KD Rnd 8qt Red$4.95
STG172TL Pail Pony KD Rnd 8qt Teal$4.95
STG173BK Pail Pony KD Flat 8qt Black$4.95
STG173BL Pail Pony KD Flat 8qt Blue$4.95
STG173GN Pail Pony KD Flat 8qt Green$4.95
STG173PP Pail Pony KD Flat 8qt Purple$4.95
STG173RD Pail Pony KD Flat 8qt Red$4.95
STG173TL Pail Pony KD Flat 8qt Teal$4.95
STG174BK Ground Feeder KD 20qt Black$15.95
STG174BL Ground Feeder KD 20qt Blue$15.95
STG174GN Ground Feeder KD 20qt Green$15.95
STG174PP Ground Feeder KD 20qt Purple$15.95
STG174RD Ground Feeder KD 20qt Red$15.95
STG174TL Ground Feeder KD 20qt Teal$15.95
STG175 1121 Rubber Pan Duraflex 3 gal$12.95
STG176 1122 Rubber Tub Duraflex 6.5 gal$18.95
STG180 10546 Salt Block Holder$4.50
STG180A 63 Salt Brick Holder (3.25"x3.5&quo$6.95
STG185 631 Salt Block Holder
Designed to hold large salt and mineral blocks. Made of High Density polyethylene. Has drain holes to prevent melting of blocks. Overall size 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 8 1/2"
STG240 1820 Hay Net Cotton ass't colours$10.95
STG241 Hay Net Slow Feed$8.95

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